Digital analysis and reporting go hand-in-hand and offer important information into any business or organization to help not only understand, but also provide valuable insight into any company. Effective digital advertising requires routine optimization conjoined with in-depth analysis of ad campaigns and their performance across the platforms they’re running on. While this information can be overwhelming and seem almost like a different language, Nexus Digital provides custom reporting that is catered specifically to each of our clients and their level of understanding for a given advertising platform. At Nexus we pride ourselves not only in providing exceptional digital services for our clients, but also aim to help our clients develop a complete understanding of exactly how their digital initiatives are performing. At Nexus we differentiate ourselves not by delivering expansive data sets to our clients, but more so delivering valuable packaged insights that help clients make better decisions while exploring new revenue streams, new demographic reach and expansive organization growth – The goal of reporting and analysis is to quickly provide added value to our clients and partners through increased awareness and revenue while reducing costs. As a result, our analysis methods identify trends as well as variant outliers that our reporting overview explains through the use of easy-to-read/understand explanations combined with insightful visuals, charting and graphing.