Advertising Trends and Continued Growth in Digital

Post published by on April 22, 2014 in Digital Advertising

Since 2011, the only advertising industry that has seen a steady increase in revenue has been in the digital realm, which represented 16.1% of the market share and presently represents 19.8% of the market with a projections increasing to 23.4% by 2015 – In the same period of time newspapers, magazines, radio and outdoor advertising will also see a steady decline in their market share of advertising dollars.

In the same respect social media continues to grow its audience and user-usage as an integrated part of society. Where it was initially assumed that applications like Facebook and Twitter where nothing more than a passing fad, user engagement and subscription dictates otherwise:

  • Twitter now hosts over 500 million users with 278,000 tweets made every minute
  • Youtube gets over 800 million visitors per month with 72 hours of content uploaded every minute generating over $3 billion in monetized revenue every week
  • Facebook profiles have grow over two billion users, generating 73% of leads for B2C marketers and 35.1% of B2B marketers
  • Google Adwords Search & Display advertising platforms generate over $100 million in revenue daily
    • 2 million google search queries are made every 60 seconds
    • The Google Display Network of websites make up over 80% of ALL websites
    • Over 192 million Google Adwords Search ads are clicked on every day, up almost 22% from 2012 with display ads receiving almost 45 million clicks a day, up almost 30% from Q2 in 2012
  • All other social media sites from Google+ (500M) and LinkedIn (200M) to Pinterest (25M) and Instagram (100M) have also seen drastic increases in subscribers

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