Display Advertising

Post published by on April 22, 2014 in Digital Advertising

To broaden the reach of your brand and generate communications awareness for promotions or company initiatives, the use of online display advertising or banner ads is a great form of awareness advertising. By leveraging it’s network, which consists of thousands websites, the Google Display Network reaches over 83% of unique Internet users around the world. Display ads can be seen on a variety of websites depending on the target audience. Through our strategy and design process, Nexus Digital utilizes all eight (8) ad sizes options that are utilized to accommodate the most popular placement sizes available on a given webpage.

Placement Targeting

Targeting by placement enables businesses and organizations to carefully select which websites they would like associate with their brand. When choosing websites it is important to consider demographic and psychographic factors associated to each of them. Dependent upon the brand along with the goals and objectives of your company or organization and geographic location of your business, placement targeting can vary drastically from company to company.


Targeting websites through the Google Display Network by keywords expands the reach of the campaign. Ads are displayed on websites that have matching keywords determined to be relative to your goals.


Choose what websites and topics that matter most to those you want to reach.

With display advertising companies and organizations can select where to show their ads based on the topic of a given webpage. Using topic targeting increases ad relevancy as well as reinforce branding.


Targeting by user interests for digital display advertising ads is to target them to users based on their interest. When users visit websites, anonymous cookie ID’s and URL tags are often added to the users browser. The tools that Nexus uses enable us to utilize the information stored by these anonymous cookie ID’s to target users based on their web-surfing habits. Since the ads are no longer restricted by webpage parameters, the reach and targeting possibilities are extended to a personal level.