Facebook Awareness Advertising

Post published by on April 21, 2014 in Digital Advertising, Facebook, Social

Facebook Awareness Advertising

Facebook Awareness Advertising provides an interesting element to traditional and even digital advertising in that it creates an open dialogue directly with the individual and allows for expanding branding, awareness and various promotional opportunities. Facebook advertising has the ability to connect with people by creating a multitude of ads to target individuals based on their location, demographic and specific interests. In doing so, Facebook awareness advertising can offer new insights into your business while allowing for expansive audience reach. They’re over six hundred thousand active Facebook users in Ottawa (Canada) alone, with over 50% of those being daily users. Similar to Google AdWords Search, Facebook awareness advertising can utilize text-based ads, but Facebook also incorporates the use of images and can be placed in various locations to actively reach users with high frequency. In addition, Facebook offers different ad formats like post and event advertising that can be beneficial to brand awareness and Facebook growth.


Optimization provides additional insight and analysis to a campaign through a variety testing and modification. It is important to realize that in addition to impressions Facebook advertising budgets used to purchase an audience and add expanded reach through the Facebook network.

Digital Facebook awareness advertising provides more flexibility, and a test schedule based on run, budget and reach is set-up. Different audiences respond to different promotions, and as a result imaging, copy, and ad placement are tested against different targets and demographics to create the optimum ad campaign. Facebook advertising does not work on a set-it & forget mentality; adjustments are routinely being made to expand reach and increase audience.

Ad refresh

When looking at advertising as a whole, from TV & radio, to print, billboards and the growing digital realm, on a given day a person can be subjected to literally hundreds if not thousands of promotions on a daily basis. In addition, user attention spans are growing increasing shorter, as a result it is crucial that every ad catches the eyes of the user and engages them. Where it might not be strategic, practical or economical to change the creative of a billboard every week for a month-long campaign, digital Facebook advertising creative updates are not only affordable, they are necessary in to ensure ads stay fresh and are appealing to the user. The more times a users is exposed to the same messaging and haven’t engaged the less likely they will the more times the same imaging and messaging is showed to them that their actions will change – the in the same respect Ad Refresh also helps re-engage and strengthen campaign messaging. Each new Ad Refresh is then optimized and tested against the most successful ads along with new ad refresh.