Why Are Facebook Advertising Promotions Right For You?

Post published by on April 22, 2014 in Digital Advertising, Facebook, Social

Facebook is one of the worlds most popular websites, in fact only Google.com attracts more visitors, surpassing Google’s YouTube as of January 2014. To put things into perspective, Facebook has seen an increase of 25% with its daily-active-users (DAUs) and as of September 2013, on average Facebook receives 728 million in traffic through daily-active-users and an increase of monthly-active-users (MAUs) to almost 1.2 billion.

In Canada alone, over 19 million Canadians log-in to Facebook every month (which is more than half the nation’s population). Of that, there are over 14 million Canadians that are daily Facebook users – Making Canadians the most active Facebook users in the world.

Simply put, with all those eyes and potential audiences gathered on one site, everyday, that means there is plenty of exposure for your ads and promotions opportunities to help reach people like no other medium.

What advantages do Facebook Advertising and promotions do that traditional advertising can’t?

Facebook advertising provides the most powerful combination of reach and engagement available to marketers today. Marketing on Facebook lets you engage with people who are most likely to be interested in your business.

At Facebook’s core is the social graph, everyone and everything they care about. The most successful businesses on Facebook are a part of that social graph, either through a Facebook Page or implementing Social Plugins on their own websites and actively promoting that presence.

Facebook has now become a primary form of reach advertising. Not only does it offer the availability to reach people on a huge scale (at a fraction of the price of traditional advertising mediums), Facebook advertising platform allows for specific targeting in a way that has never been available before. With Facebook Ads you target using the information people share and enter in their profiles. You can target broadly by demographic and geographic preferences or you can get pinpoint specifically by targeting people’s specific likes and interests – based parameters like gender, age, location, family-status, and a variety of specifically targeted interests.

Oh, and did we mention everything is precisely quantifiable and your results are all measured for your benefit?

Unlike other forms of traditional media like radio or print advertising that archaically and inaccurately generate statistics for analysis, digital advertising including Facebook, is exact and completely precise based on the uniquely compiled data from any given campaign or promotional initiative.

That way you know exactly who is seeing your ads, when they are looking at them and gain insights into your business or organization that you might not have been privy to before. This level of insight allows the marketer to create better strategies in the future based on the intelligence gained after every campaign.

Analytical statistics and all other quantifiable values are available for all of the key metrics set-up within the targeting. Including where the clicks are coming from geographically and demographically.

Facebook continues to expand, modify and improve its advertising platform and delivery methods to ensure optimal results with expansive reach unlike any form of traditional media (and at the fraction of the comparable cost). With the right strategic approach and targeting Facebook advertising can generate the exponential growth, awareness and increased revenue for your brand, company and/or organization.

That said, before investing your advertising dollars it is important to first speak with professionally certified digital advertisers to ensure you have deployed the right strategy, targeting, interests and geographical radius that best suits your specific campaign and/or advertising/promotional initiatives.