Social Media Advertising

Say goodbye to broad blanket advertising approach, casting out a large net and hoping the people you want to get your message do. No matter what your industry or profession, SMM communications and advertising creates a direct relationship with your audience. Nexus Digital develops leading edge strategy but also the ability to build on our past successes to assure optimum results for our clients.

Mass Reach

An extremely cost effective platform that provides the ability reach vastly wide and precisely defined audiences like no other form of media.

Precise Trait Targeting

Ensure your message is being received by its intended audience with the use of precise targeting that isolates your target market utilizing location-based targeting, age, gender, personal interests and a wide variety of uniquely specific variables.


Imagine knowing exactly how your campaign performed, well SMM is completely trackable so you actually see your results and see exactly how many times your ad has been shown, seen, clicked on and engaged with.


Sometimes unforeseeable and unavoidable obstacles arise that force you change your planning on the fly; well digital initiatives are adaptable for matters that are out of your control and allow for instantaneous adjustments to Social Media campaigns.