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Nexus Digital is many things with a lot of moving parts. Comprised of a series of strong individuals, ideas and ideologies. Like a symphony of sound, our team operates as a cohesive unit that truly makes Nexus greater than the sum of its moving parts.  

Who We Are
What is it that we do

Nexus Digital is a complete full-service end-to-end digital marketing agency. Nexus Digital fuses proprietary tools and technology with an innovative strategy in a cohesive collaborative manner. Nexus Digital features a dynamic and creative ensemble that provides leading-edge digital marketing strategies. At the forefront of all Nexus Digital initiatives is a total commitment to delivering results beyond expectation. Nexus Digital’s diverse team of engaged leaders and digital masterminds work to deliver impactful campaigns, inspiring creative, and strong long-lasting client relationships. 

Nexus Digital

Who We Are

Our Mission
Functions and philosophies  

Nexus Digital’s mission is to set itself apart from industry competitors by supplying proven leading-edge digital strategy for clients with a legitimately honest and fully transparent approach. Nexus Digital is a company that prides itself on the discovery phase and always being ahead of the curve in our industry. Nexus Digital’s primary objective is not merely to deliver results but more so to go beyond client goals and objectives but to surpass all expectations.

Nexus Digital looks to not only provide ROI through client-driven goal-oriented oriented results but also a high level of partnered-client service and industry insight.

Nexus Digital

Our Mission

Founding Story
Where it all began 

Nexus Founder Rob Barber started developing Digital Media strategies for the Rossignol Ski Group of companies in 2008. 

After spending 25 years entrenched in the action sports industry developing business plans for brands and retailers, Rob saw firsthand the challenges faced in today’s competitive business environment. 

Working with Rossignol and its 1,800+ retailers across North America and Europe to create a better way to communicate, connect, and inspire through various storytelling, promotional and social platforms with both their consumers and prospective customers through digital media was the opportunity for the creation of Nexus Digital.

Recognizing and embracing the rise in digital technologies and the exponential growth of social media, early on, Nexus Digital positioned clients to shift to a digital-first mentality. Developing custom cross-platform digital strategies to stay ahead of the curve, Nexus Digital’s ‘whats next’ approach has put clients in the best position to achieve success and connect directly with their audiences.  

Over the last 13 years Nexus Digital has created thousands of successful digital campaigns for clients in the ski, education, automotive, e-commerce and retail, tourism, healthcare, professional services industries, nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations, lottery and gaming, and food industries.

Nexus Digital

Founding Story

Our Culture
Nexus’ personality & environment  

Nexus Digital is more than just a marketing agency, it is a think tank. Nexus Digital is home to an engaging group of dynamic and diverse virtuosos that strive to always be ahead of the curve. Nexus Digital has created a culture that breeds and attracts strong multidisciplinary people that are caring and enthusiastic. A collective who embrace ingenuity and change to discover new things to really elevate the work – all for the benefit of our clients.

Nexus Digital strives to encourage and support everyone with the proper tools, development, and training opportunities needed to feel inspired and motivated to continually improve in a truly symbiotic environment. Nexus Digital fosters diversity, innovation, and excellence to re-imagine all things digital and what truly lies ahead.

Nexus Digital