Creative Video


Creative Video

Seeing Is Believing

There’s no medium that is as powerful for communicating than video. Over 55% of people watch videos online every day – With every passing second, more and more people are consuming video at an exponential rate. Literally hundreds of millions of hours of video are watched online EVERY hour. People are watching and sharing videos with everyone they know. As a result, most people expect to see video everywhere they are online – Video engages people and promotes more website activity.

Nexus Digital’s video team employs varying approaches to help create varying degrees of video to promote engagement, generate sales, accentuate a brand, create added brand recall, and to help curate new audiences. Nexus Digital offers a variety of digital video solutions to deliver quality video that is more affordable while making a significant impact on your marketing strategy. Nexus Digital’s approach is to create videos that are truly excellent and specifically tailored to our client’s objectives and to their audience. Nexus Digital strives to make compelling content that grabs the viewer’s eye at first glance keeping them invested and connected to their very core. 

Creative Services
Video Strategy

The true age of video is here with the heavy use and consumption of video content well on the rise. The use of video is certainly not something to trifle with. Video is one of the most powerful tools of communication, and executing it properly can be precarious when pairing the right content, on the right platforms, for the right audience, and at the right time. Whether a client’s intent is to spread an engaging message or spring an audience into specific action, Nexus Digital uses video that audiences crave while distributing video that garners maximum exposure. Nexus Digital begins every video project with the proper approach to video marketing by developing and applying effective strategy specific to any video. Like any other marketing format, Nexus Digital first places a lot of emphasis on understanding client needs – Nexus Digital understands video and our clients understand their own business. Nexus Digital’s team of experts first work towards grasping the full scope of a client’s brand/business, brand standards along with all their key industry differentiators and unique identifiers to showcase our clients in the best light and make the most dynamic impactful creative.

Nexus Digital creates and encourages open lines of communication with coordinated touchpoints through every step of the process. from understanding brand standards and business guidelines to video strategy, video content planning, video production, video platform application, and campaign planning Nexus Digital’s transparent approach gets everything on the table, keeping everyone informed from pre-production through to post-production with respect audience and platform targeting, the usage of video elements, video tactics, and stylized messaging to assure the best possible outcome and product(s) that lead the way to reach and surpass client expectations, goals, and objectives.

Nexus’ Take On


Nexus’ Take On


Creative Services
Video Creative | Development

Video is one of the most powerful tools of communication and storytelling for marketing. However, there is often a grandiose stigma associated with video and its associated costs of production. It can seem like a daunting medium to invest in before seeing the benefits firsthand – It doesn’t have to be! Whether a client is looking to slowly diversity its marketing approach, get its feet wet before taking the plunge, or has a catalog of content that isn’t sure how to use it, what to use, or where to use it, Nexus Digital is here to create something out of nothing while assisting clients audience cut through the clutter

Technology improves every day, and so does Nexus Digital to help build on what you have. While Nexus Digital offers full service video production, Nexus Digital also helps clients create video projects and adapted new stories from existing footage or a blend of usable database of footage and stock with custom soundtracks/voice-overs and graphic elements – making what is old new again.

Creative Services
Video Production

Nexus Digital offers a complete full-service experience. Providing all the elements required to create and complete your project, the way you want it.

Nexus’ Take On


Nexus’ Take On


Creative Services
Post-Production | Video Editing

At Nexus Digital, this is where the magic happens. Through the post-production process, Nexus Digital turns any assortment of captured, found, stock, and produced content into something that is truly special. Nexus Digital’s focused and specialized video department edits the video content; adds music, audio effects, voiceover, adjusts sound and color, creates titles, effects, and ultimately infuses impactful rhythm for the most effective video viewing.

During post-production editing, depending on the scope of the project and the client’s resources and aspirations, the Nexus Digital video department assembles and paces out a vast array or either produced during principal photography, found footage, stock video, and/or archival footage (or blend of them all) to coordinate all the pieces of the puzzle together to unleash the finished product – through this often arduous process is where Nexus Digital’s reputation for being meticulous utilizing inspired creative skills that are ultimately showcased in a quality finished product that attains and surpasses the desired results.

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