Social Procurement Policy

Nexus Digital

Social Procurement Policy


Social procurement considers the process of purchasing goods and services can positively impact the social well-being of communities and assist in reducing poverty, while promoting economic and social inclusion, and can support local economic development and social enterprise. Social procurement can foster an enabling environment by embedding supply chain diversity and workforce development initiatives within procurement processes to promote inclusive economic growth.

Whenever possible Nexus Digital is committed to helping benefit local economies and to provide fair access to any procurement services by providing additional opportunities to underrepresented businesses and communities. Nexus Digital’s Social Procurement Policy establishes the framework of values and principles for implementing these opportunities.

In our pursuit to have the best possible team and services, wherever possible, Nexus Digital aims to increase the number employment apprenticeships, internships, and other potential training opportunities for people from the our local catchment neighborhoods, other equity-deserving communities and indigenous peoples. Similarly, even in a limited capacity, when applicable Nexus aims to broaden our supply chain by providing diverse vendors with equitable access (and if ever applicable) to tender opportunities to foster inclusive economic growth.

In pursuit of building the best possible team and agency environment to service our clients, Nexus Digital aims to increase the number of employment, apprenticeship and training opportunities for potential candidates locally first along with other equity-seeking communities to continually broaden Nexus Digital’s diversity to foster inclusive growth.

Nexus Digital is more than just a marketing agency, it is a think tank. Nexus Digital is home to an engaging group of dynamic and diverse virtuosos that strive to always be ahead of the curve. Nexus Digital has created a culture that breeds and attracts strong multidisciplinary people that are caring and enthusiastic. A diverse collective who embrace ingenuity and change to discover new things to really elevate the work.

Nexus Digital strives to encourage and support everyone with the proper tools, development, and training opportunities needed to feel inspired and motivated to continually improve in a truly symbiotic environment. Nexus Digital fosters diversity, innovation, and excellence to re-imagine all things digital and what truly lies ahead.

Nexus Digital’s cast of characters is truly a diverse group of multidisciplinary individuals that are all uniquely different with the intent to garner as many different perspectives as possible. While everyone is focused on all things digital in the realm of marketing, everyone has a broad spectrum of interests, talents, skillsets, and perspectives. By design, our Nexus Digital team aren’t necessarily like-minded. A diverse group helps spark innovation, creativity, and promotes critical thinking to make the best possible impact for our clients and their digital initiatives and goals. Nexus Digital’s primary criteria is talent and potential. Our agency does not discriminate against anyone, and always looks at everyone and all equity-seeking communities as a welcomed addition to the Nexus team – Diversity breeds innovation, yields enhanced decision making, and ultimately strengthens our agency.

Nexus Digital’s Social Procurement Policy aims to demonstrate our agency’s commitment to benefit local economies whenever possible and to provide fair access to its procurements by providing opportunities for underrepresented individuals, businesses, and communities that pair with Nexus Digital’s values and principles:

Nexus Digital aspires to build a culture of social procurement at our marketing agency.

Nexus Digital looks to provide opportunities to give equal opportunity and inclusion. In our pursuit to find the best candidate or team, Nexus aims to remove any barriers experienced by equity seeking communities and others who disproportionately experience unemployment, underemployment, or discrimination.

Nexus Digital results-driven agency and has an effective balance between equity goals, accountability, transparency and efficiency.

Nexus Digital complies with all applicable laws, including government trade agreements and directives, laws and policies, including the Ontario Human Rights Code.

Nexus Digital looks to achieve the best possible value for our marketing agency through the consideration of the full range of procurement formats and the adoption of commercially reasonable business practices.

Nexus Digital is an equal opportunity digital marketing agency that looks to expand diversity both with our internal team and when possible looks to responsible and sustainable supply chain partnership process.