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The benefits of
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Get in front of customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours.

Show up when people search for what you offer with

Google Ads

When the world searches 
they use Google

Not only is Google the world’s most used search engine making up over 75% of the search engine market, but it is also the world’s most visited website.

The Google Ads platform allows you to be seen when people with intent are actively looking for your business.

Over 50% of people are likely to convert from an ad on Google.
Recent studies report that ~75% of people have clicked on a paid ad in the past month.

Google’s Network has indexed about 35 trillion web pages across the internet, including more than 2 million websites across the Google Display Network (GDN).

With the proper strategic approach, build, and optimization Google Ads creates a level playing field regardless of your budget or company size. Google Ads allow you to reach even the most segmented and specific audiences to deliver optimal results.

Google Ads help get the 

results that matter most 

Google Ads puts you in front of 
active users looking for YOU

Generate quality traffic and drive more relevant visitors to your website.
The Google Ads platform increases online sales or online lead signups and registrations for bookings and mailing lists. 

Generate more phone calls when you are available to receive them. Connect directly with more potential clients and customers with ease. 

Generate more in-person foot traffic with increase store and business location visits. Google Ads integrates your Google My Business account for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and highlighted priority Google Maps listings that make your business stand out from your competitors.

Google Ads delivers relevant   

high-intent targeting

The Google Ads platform gives
Pinpointed targeted accuracy

Google’s ad targeting allows you to reach users with high intent.

Use narrow, board and exact match keywords.
Target people by detailed demographics, precise geographic locations, or device type.

Focus on specific audiences – habit and interest-based affinity audiences, In-market or near-market audiences, life events, customer match users, and/or Google’s mirrored similar-to audiences.  


Ad formatting

Google Ads 
Stand out from the rest

Google Ads accounts for about 97% of the company’s revenue.
So it should be no surprise that Google puts resources into their product. Layout and formatting on SERPs give your ads prime real estate with all the bells and whistles over any organic listing which are intentionally dull by design – One of the reasons that about 30% of clicks are from organic listings. 

Google Ads offers a variety of add-on extension features that when executed properly enhance your ads to make your business stand out. For qualified accounts, Googles Ads offers site links, callouts, highlighted structured snippets, phone call links, built-in lead forms, location map extensions, price extensions, app link, highlighted promotions, and now both image and dynamic images. These ad extension ad formatting can scale the size of your ad where it becomes impossible not to see and want to engage with.

In addition, Nexus Digital offers its own proprietary tool integrations that tap directly into your inventory or product feed in live time to pair ads with search queries that match your stock and populate ads with SKU info.

Boosted goal-oriented


Like a finely aged wine
Google Ads get even better over time

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) traffic converts approximately 50% better than organic data.

With the perfect blend of skilled optimization and smart technology ad campaign performance continually improves.
Conversion data in conjunction with linked conversions and tracked analytic events work to get more customers and better results.

Message matching and focuses design in post-click landing page experience measures how well a website gives people who click your ads exactly what they’re looking for. Google’s ad platform takes into account campaign objectives, ad build and targets that pair intent-audience prospects to boost conversions.

Setting up linked goal conversions and event tracking boosts data-driven decisions. Track top-performing campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, audiences to drive higher value customer activity.

Working within your budget and specific conversions values, Googles ad platforms smart bidding and bid modifiers work within your framework to maximize conversions, hit target CPAs (cost per acquisition), and maximize your target ROAS (return on ad spend).