2020 CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery

CHEO Dream of a Lifetime Lottery 2020

About CHEO

The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) is a global leader in pediatric health, dedicated to helping children and youth live their best lives.

CHEO combines excellence in clinical care, research and education with a commitment to working with our partners to advance seamless care that’s provided where, when and how it’s needed.

Every year, CHEO helps more than 500,000 children and youth from Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec, Nunavut and Northern Ontario.


CHEO partners with local sponsors annually to run their largest revenue generator to help purchase costly equipment, conduct research, support programs and fund urgent needs for the hospital. CHEO runs a Dream of a Lifetime Lottery offering participants approximately 1 in 26 winning odds towards a variety of Dream prizes including dream cars, dream vacations, home theatre entertainment dream prizes, a multi-million dollar grand prize (featuring a Minto Dream Home), and an additional 50/50 raffle.


Looking to expand on previous year’s lottery successes for the Dream of a Lifetime Lottery, The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) wanted to increase sales:

Increase total lottery ticket sales from the previous year

Reach previous ticket purchasers pre-launch

Increase ticket sales on launch day and week

Reach new audiences and expand demographic reach

Sellout lottery tickets in advance of lottery deadline



Traditionally, one of the biggest draws or attractions (or ticket sale generators) for CHEO was the physical lure to the Minto Dream Home and grand prize showcase. The general public has been able to physically go and have an open house tour – where digital purchasing stations for on-site ticket purchasing.

Historically, CHEO had also set up ticketing purchasing “kiosks” across the region at banks and other frequently trafficked areas.

Due to the global pandemic and COVID-19 protocols, all in-person experiences and opportunities were no longer an option.


With a longstanding history and an exceptionally strong track record with CHEO and their team, Nexus Digital was able to access and fully grasp the client’s goals and objectives in order to outline the best possible approach and positioning for success.

After initial client touchpoints, Nexus Digital analyzed the landscape creating a client brief, media plan, targeted campaign schedule including their geographic, demographic, and goal targets.

After initial client touchpoints, Nexus Digital analyzed the landscape creating a client brief, media plan, targeted campaign schedule, and forecasting including their geographic, demographic, and goal targets.

Nexus Digital developed a systematic multi-tiered approach with dedicated messaging, hyper-targeting, with cross-platform delivery.


In advance of the lottery launch date, we are able to reach past ticket purchasers with a digital video awareness teaser campaign. In conjunction with this past-ticket holder campaign, a simultaneous pre-launch informative awareness campaign ran closer to the lottery launch. Post-launch, a series of strategically timed campaigns we utilized to align with various lottery prize deadlines leading up to the grand prize deadline. Campaigns ran across multiple effective social channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Messaging for these campaigns utilized varying callouts and creative based on timing, the targeted audience and demographic, as well as the person’s level of engagement with the lottery website and ticket sales funnel.

In conjunction with digital ad campaigns, an extensive user experience was created to best recreate or replace the in-person open house experience. A fully immersive virtual 3D tour was created along we in-ad panoramic images to virtually put people in the house. The website also featured a design centre section that showcased and gave more detailed info on all aspects of the house.


35% increase in ticket sales

115,000 tickets sold  – 57% increase from week #1 from the previous year

18,000 tickets sold in the first 5 days

17,000 tickets sold in a single day

30,000 additional tickets were produced as a result of the previous years early sellout

Lottery sold out 2 days in advance of the Early-Bird deadline

398,000 users engaged with the site  – 82% increase

over 80,000 3D tours – An increase of +20% from the previous year

89% increase in website sessions – including a 35% increase in traffic on pre-lottery launch traffic

Increase in traffic from new audiences by 150%


Ad Samples for

Nexus Digital - 2020 CHEO Dream of Lifetime Lottery logo

For CHEO’s Dream of a Lifetime lottery campaign a variety of images, videos, and interactive creative ads were utilized across Facebook, Instagram, and Google YouTube networks.

Digital ads were used in different phases for reach, awareness, engagement, aspiration, and consideration to generate ticket purchases.