Why Use Facebook Advertising

Facebook offers a variety of marketing and advertising tools and integrations that can benefit your company, business, or organization. While many people might be asked “why should I advertise on Facebook?” the better question to ask is “why am I NOT advertising on Facebook?

For starters, chances are pretty high that your competition is already using Facebook Advertising. But doing something because everyone else is doing it might not be the best reason to invest. Rest assured, if your current strategic marketing plan does not involve digital Facebook advertising, upon reviewing the benefits from the post, we’re confident you will want to pivot from your current approach.

While there are many reasons to take advantage of Facebook’s advertising platform, we are going to focus on the major benefits of advertising on Facebook’s platform, this article will highlight the top Facebook advertising benefits.

Your Audience Is On Facebook

The largest pinpointed audience in the world is on Facebook

There are over 2 billion monthly users on Facebook, including more than 19 million users in Canada, almost 85% of the population – The most active Facebook nation in the world, with over 14 million Canadians checking their newsfeed daily.

Facebook is the third most visited website and is only outranked by Google and YouTube. Similarly, even in 2021, Facebook still remains one of the world’s most downloaded apps and is second only to TikTok.

The average active Facebook user spends close to 35 minutes a day on the platform or approximately 8 hours a week and will engage with a minimum of about 15 new ads per month.

Extensive Reach and Mass Brand Awareness

Get in front of your people and reach a mass audience

Develop trust and build a strong reputation. Tell your story. Get your message across. Get your brand out there.

It’s hard to generate new business if people don’t know who you are and what you are offering.

Facebook ads provide mass reach with the control with ad frequency capping so you don’t oversaturate or negatively impact users – Ultimately allowing you to reach even more targeted people.

Goal-Oriented Conversions

Create and run ads with a dedicated objective

In addition to brand awareness, Facebook ads are created with your business goal and objectives in mind.

Facebook allows marketers to create, track and optimize for any actionable event on your website. Whether you are looking to generate more website traffic, generate sales through e-commerce or generate leads or sign-ups, Facebook’s Aggregate Event Measurement system allows you not only to create, measure, and optimize for these conversion events, you can also prioritize the actionable events that matter most to your business.

Diverse Ad Formats

Choose and optimize from multiple ad creative options

In addition to varying ad targeting options, Facebook offers a diverse array of ad creative options.

Based on your objectives, Facebook not only offers platform-placement-specific ad creative options but also offers a variety of creative options. These include long and short-form video, image animation (slideshows), video created from still images, catalog carousels that Nexus Digital can set up and link directly to your inventory or product feed, full screen “stories” and more.

Facebook ad placements allow ads to follow or appear wherever your targeted demographic is using Facebook. Whether it is through the Facebook newsfeed, via Stories section, within FB Messenger, Facebook Marketplace, or within Facebook audience network of apps and sites via instant articles and rail ad placement.

Facebook lets you advertising be present wherever your audience is. Additionally, with the use of multi-permutation creative elements, Facebook’s dynamic ads not only ensure your creative never go stale but in conjunction with Nexus Digital optimization and linked conversion setup, make sure users see the ads the matter the most to them.